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K`vall Stirrups


Avialable in :-

Black K`vall Stirrups 34-36 EU Size Platform 23.5cm long (please measure your boots to check)
Black K`vall Stirrups 37-39 EU Size
   Platform 25cm long (please measure your boots to check)

Black K`vall Stirrups 40-42 EU Size  
Platform 28cm long (please measure your boots to check)

Black K`vall Stirrups 43-47 EU Size   Platform 30.5cm long (please measure your boots to check)


A Pair of Black K`vall Non stretch Biothane Stirrup Leathers


 This is something completely different - a redesigned stirrup based on the principles of how humans balance combined with a bit of skiing knowhow!  


There is a question to be asked - why do horse riders balance on the ball of their foot?


No other activity involves this, even cyclists clip their shoes to the pedals, but riders want to balance themselves by stressing out tendons, forcing the heel down to maintain a balanced lower leg. 


Fact: 70% of human balance comes from the heel - so why not improve your balance riding? 


What users of the kvall stirrups have found: 


· Dramatically improves any back pain associated with riding

· Instantly improves any ankle problems both tension and collapsing

· Less stiffness from riding for the infrequent rider

· Instant balance and sense of stability, which cannot be achieved with any other stirrup

· Virtually eliminates pivoting on the knee jumping and FIXES lower leg issues!

· Stirrups often ‘save’ you in sticky situations!  


This is from personal experience – long periods of cantering left me with lower back pain, which is the result of poor postures from being in front of a computer all day. I can now do 15 mile fun rides with lots of cantering and jumping without feeling sore tired or stiff the next day



Pictures of the Kvall in action:


And Kvall when things don't quite go to plan (thoroughly tested by Cotswoldsport)








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