De Gouge


Hydrophane De Gogue Training Aid

( Suitable to fit Cob to Full size)

This De Gogue is made of leather and features four clips attached to soft strong nylon rope finished with leather cuffs this makes tacking up much easier and quicker. Adjustment is via two buckles on the leather straps which attach to the girth via a loop.


For those who haven't used this training aid before:


This is a much kinder and superior tool to using draw (running) reins, it encourages the horse to carry its head in the correct position and work the top line muscles without over bending. The aid can be used both ridden and for lunge work.




The aid can be used in two ways- independent (recommended) or as a De Gogue rein (advanced). Any good equestrian book should have diagrams and instructions on setting up and use.


e Gogue set up as Independent



De Gogue set up on the Rein


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