Sweet Iron Rockin Wilson Pressure Dog Bone Snaffle


Cotswoldsport Sweet Iron Pressure Dog Bone Snaffle

Mouth piece is a 12.5mm diameter
Dog bone 48mm lozenge
Large Ring Size 75mm dia
Cheek ring 30mm dia

All dimensions are approximate

This unusual snaffle utilizes a sweet iron mouthpieces to encourage mouthability and salivation for the horse. The dog bone link is similar to a french link and applies some tongue pressure in this design, but will not pinch or crush the tongue like a single joint.


This bit keeps still in the horses mouth and used on the normal ring has good steering ability. There is a little bit of poll pressure from the rockin action, similar to a hanging cheek (baucher) bit.

If the outside loop is used this is turned into pressure on the face, which can help with wayward horses, similar but slightly milder than a wilson snaffle with no risk of chaffing or pinching.

Ideal for situations where you want variable control, without resorting to a much harsher bit and is also a good consideration for driving due to the enhanced steering.

Not dressage legal

This bit has stainless steel cheeks and sweet iron mouthpiece.

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