Sweet Iron Hinge Hippo type Snaffle


Sweet Iron Hinge Mouth Snaffle

This is an unusual mouthpiece in sweet iron (some times called black iron), this mouthpiece is designed to rust to produce a taste that horses appreciate.

This snaffle is shaped to allow maximum tongue relief and features a special hinge joint, the snaffle will only bend to a certain point where it becomes rigid. This means that it limits the squeezing action on the bars of the mouth. The action is a cross between a mullen and moving bit.

Note the hinge mechanism does produce a point, as shown which will only appear when your horse is pulling and therefore has the mouth wide and will not cause any damage to the mouth. For sensitive horses this mouthpiece can be wrapped in bit latex.

Key measurements
Mouthpiece: 12mm
Ring Size: 73mm

Top tip:- If storing this bit or keeping it outside in cold damp conditions, coat with any cooking oil to slow the rust. Also use cooking oil to keep the hinge moving well



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  • Manufactured by: Cotswoldsport

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