Carbon Fibre Lance - 3 section Tent Pegging Army Bamboo Cavalry

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Carbon Fibre Three Section Lance

Tube Outside Diameter 21.7mm
Assembled Length 2.5m

Steel Point length 31cm Boot length 11cm
Longest section less than 950mm
Comes in a Bag with plastic tube 60mm Diameter
A recycled point Guard and Ring Guard are also supplied
A grip in chosen colour is supplied for buyer to fit
Roll of Black PVC tape for securing sections

All measurements are approximate

The lances are made of High strength T700 carbon for stability, stiffness and longitudinal compression, and glass fibre core for crush strength. They are then covered with black Heat Shrink tubing, a grip is provided for you to fit at the point of balance that best suits your style. They are a handmade product so may vary slightly and will probably carry minor imperfections.

The sections are assembled using the spigot and socket method and this joint when tightly assembled is then securely taped with several thickness of PVC tape. The lance most never be used without being properly taped. We are currently including a recycled rubber point and ring guard with each lance.

These have been field tested for several years in the sport of tentpegging, they have been used by competitors in two International competitions including the 2013 FEI World Equestrian Tent-Pegging Championship

These are a light weight sport lance weighing just 970g (2lb), and have a smaller form factor than a true 1868 pattern lance. They are designed for travel and are ideal for flying or for those with smaller vehicles. The carbon has been designed to offer some flex, to offer shock absorption which is especially handy for un-soaked wooden pegs! They have been tested against plastic, date palm and a selection of gloss painted pegs which really should have been soaked.

WARNING:- These lances are a dangerous weapon and most be used with extreme care and should be stored out of reach of children. Any use you put them to will be entirely at your own risk.

WARRANTY:- 6 month manufacturing defects only - these lances will [probably] break if you trap them in car doors, put them in between horses legs or otherwise subject them to abuse.












Spigot and Socket Joint


Joint assembled ready for taping


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