HayGain Hay Steamer HG - One remove spores -


The unique hay steamer that gives you clean palatable hay
enhancing your horse’s health and performance


HAYGAIN HG-One  - Holds up 8KG of hay
Dimensions 565mm Dia x H737mm

HAYGAIN Hay Steamer , its unique method enables steam to penetrate the centre of the hay and diffuse outwards ensuring even steaming throughout.

The unit is designed to maintain the high temperatures critical to kill all harmful fungal spores (and other living organisms such as mites), effectively sterilizing whilst maintaining the hay's nutritional value, resulting in a totally dust and spore free palatable forage.



So simple and easy to use...fill up the independent steam boiler with tap water, which rapidly generates steam. Place hay onto the manifold spikes within the HAYGAIN Hay Steamer. Steam travels through the unique aluminium pressure die cast steam distribution manifold and steams outwards throughout the hay ensuring total absorption.

How does it work?
The patented  design ensures introduction of steam to the bale in the most effective manner. The spikes of the manifold penetrate the bale and release steam, enabling it to diffuse outwards from the centre of the bale. The container is fully insulated and sealed, ensuring the critically necessary temperatures are maintained. As the moisture content within the hay increases, the temperature rises exponentially due to the increased efficiency of condensed steam acting as a heat conductor. The temperature of the hay reaches temperatures necessary to guarantee that the mould spores are completely killed and irrespirable, thus posing zero risk to the horse and handler.


The unit is a joy to use and we find our horses love the treated hay and previous animals who were prone to coughing are now totally clear.

The HG-ONE+ incorporates the Haygain patented steam distribution manifold spike system. This enables steam to penetrate the centre of the forage outwards at temperatures in excess of 100ºC / 212ºF, to eliminate respirable dust and kill mould spores and bacteria. Quick and easy to use, the HG-ONE steams forage in 60 minutes using a 1.5 kW steam generator with a water capacity of 3.5 litres sufficient for one steaming cycle. The steam generator features a stainless steel boiler shell and the specially designed heating element is located outside the boiler, thus reducing damage from limescale build-up; this extends the life of the element considerably. The HG-ONE+’s lid is double-skinned for exceptional strength and thermal efficiency in all ambient temperatures without compromising on performance. The lid has been designed with special “pockets” that allow the condensation to collect and then fall back evenly onto the hay.

*The number of horses the HG-ONE+ feeds is an approximate guide only based on portion size, compaction of hay and number of steam cycles per day.

Again, there is no compromise, endorsing the PROPRESS commitment to building renowned Great British quality products.

This product carries a 12 month Manufacturers Warranty

Please email sales@cotswoldsport.co.uk for shipping quotation to other countries, standard UK main land only is shown.

A demonstration model (HG-1000) is available to view by appointment only Tel: 01451 844210




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