EXT+ with new PAC BUZZ Collar


EXT+ with new PAC BUZZ Collar
(Vibration or Tone only)

With the new EXT range of digital remote trainers, incorporating UHF radio technology, PAC has advanced even further to give yet higher reliability and longer reach than ever before. PAC thus retains the leadership in the specialist field of Dog Control systems. .

The EXT2+ Handset
Uses state of the art, mobile-phone technology, minimising the size and weight of both the collar and handset. At the same time as enabling reliable ‘communication’ with a much longer reach, up to 2 miles (3 km’s) on ideal terrain. Nevertheless, such a long distance control should only be enforced, if you know what the dog is doing at that moment of correction. This handset is capable of contolling from one to two dogs. To control more than one dog, an extra active collar is required (You can choose any size collar that you wish, for large or small dog remote training.. This can be selected in the dropdown menu on the top right of the page.) 

The New Buzz Collar

Main Feature's:

  • Strongest vibration collar on the market.
  • Variable vibration levels.
  • Tone pre-warning at the push of a button.
  • Lighter than previous collars (16g lighter than the EXC4 collar.)
  • Compatible with all EXT and nDXT systems.
  • Compatible with existing PAC straps.
  • Incapable of shocking your dog.
  1. Long Range Control - at up to 2 miles (3km) on ideal terrain.
  2. Up to 2 days continous use from high capacity, long life rechargeable collar batteries.Correction Style and levels are fully controlled from the handset, which may be tailored by the user to three different preset characteristics for each dog, to cater precisely for his/her individual temperamant and training requirements.
  3. Correction styles - vibration. All simply controlled from one single handset.
  4. Automatic style override to cater for unexpected 'Emergency Situation'.
  5. Ease of operation enables the trainer to concentrate on the training of his dog. Indeed such is the simplicity of opertaion, that the trainer may individually address and control up to six different dogs in a single session.
  6. The miniaturised nature of UHF technology enables the use of smaller collars, even for large dogs.
  7. Timer controlled Charging Dock for no fuss, collar recharging and negligible running costs
Should you wish to have electrical stimulation at a later time a new suitable collar can be purchased which will work with this handset

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